Where Did Everything Go?


Are you looking for real estate statistics?
It’s ok!  I’ve moved them!

Just go to www.SimplyDesMoines.com and all will be well again!

RoadLesTravels is staying around as well, except it is just going to be a personal blog focused on family and stuff.

Expect posts about our growing family (especially by June of 2011) and yes, pictures and stories about our family pets.  If this is too syrupy for you, then it’s been fun having you read my blog.  It’s time to split the family stuff from the business stuff. 

And all that stuff is located where? 
That’s Where!



As we prepare for the holidays, the possibility of bad weather is always in the back of our minds.  This time however, it’s in the backyards of our neighbors to the west and it’s heading our way!  The first big storm system of this season is working its way across the state today.


We really can’t complain much because compared to last year, we have had a mild fall.  Even though winter doesn’t officially begin for another 10 days, by tomorrow morning you will know winter has arrived.

By tomorrow morning there will be the sounds of snowblowers running and who knows.. there may even be a sighting of the first snowman of the season!


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End of Summer Sweet Corn

I was in the grocery store of the weekend and noticed this sign at the Sweet Corn display…


I’m sure they mean it’s Yellow and White corn, but somewhere somebody probably has the copyright on Peaches & Cream description….so instead, this corn was labeled Bi-Color Sweet Corn.

I was kind of hoping to see blue & orange colored kernels when I shucked this corn after bringing it home, but alas, it was just Yellow and White.  Not Peaches & Cream mind you.. it was Bi-Color… I guess it could have been worse.. at least it wasn’t Bi-Polar corn…. (No offense to my bi-polar friends out there).

The produce manager did tell me that this corn came from Missouri…. 

MISSOURI!  ~ Get A Rope!  “Nuff Said”!

It was certainly a day to be there early!  It was hot!

Snow In April?


Earlier today I was driving home from an appointment and as I came up behind this truck, I thought that I was seeing things!  It looked at first like the truck was covered in snow.. then as I got closer, I thought perhaps it had a crazy paintjob or that it was covered in specks of white mud… Turns out it was crabapple tree petals!  I LOVE spring in Iowa!!!!  You never know what you’re going to see!

My Assistant Dudley!


This is Dudley.  Dudley is a Labradoodle.. I’m not sure if that is how you spell Labradoodle, but Dudley is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Dudley is a puppy… and like most puppies he chews…  Don’t let the braided chew rope in the picture fool you..

I was over to Dudley’s house to help set up a wireless network.  While most wireless networks are pretty easy to set up, this one was giving me fits… I was able to get it to work and when I was finished, Dudley promptly took the instruction manual and proceeded to chew it up!


Good timing Dudley and Thanks for your help tonight!!!!!  Every successful technology installation should end this way!